Educators: Win Free Wildflower Seed Bombs for Your Class

Seedles / Seedles

There’s nothing better than a hands-on nature lesson to get students engaged. For Earth Day, wildflower seed bomb company Seedles is giving away “Classroom Superhero” kits to help spread the word about the plight of bees.

As you probably already know, earth’s bees are in danger. Pesticides, mites, and great reductions in the numbers of their favorite wildflowers have killed off millions of bees in the last few years. This is a loss not just for those of us who like honey, but for all of the crops those bees pollinate, as well as biodiversity in general.

Seedles co-founders Chris Burley and Ei Ei Khin want to help bring back flowers for the bees. They began making and selling seed bombs—self-contained balls of wildflower seeds, fertilizer, and brightly colored clay—out of their home in the Bay Area. Their bright colors, nontoxic ingredients, and fun planting technique (just throw them on the ground!) make them a huge hit with kids.

In time, the company blossomed, and today Seedles' seed bombs have helped plant more than a million wildflowers.

The company website offers a wealth of curriculum ideas for teachers who want to teach their students about the bees. “At Seedles,” Burley writes, “one of our goals is to sprout a future generation of curious and creative kiddos.”

This week, in celebration of Earth Day, the company is giving away 100 seed bomb kits to teachers across the U.S. Each kit comes with “everything a class of giggling and adorable kids would need to grow wildflowers while learning about biology and bees.” The kits include 33 seed bombs, 30 pots, and compost, as well as instructions and fun activity ideas.

You can enter to win a kit and become a Classroom Superhero by clicking here. Good luck!

Images courtesy of Seedles