Biodegradable Seed Cups Are the Keurig of Gardening

Shaunacy Ferro

Not everyone is blessed with a green thumb, but a lack of nurturing instincts shouldn’t keep you from enjoying a garden. For the most bumbling plant parents, Miracle-Gro has miniature, Keurig-like pods that you just plop in the dirt and water. Miracle-Gro’s Gro-ables are a completely fool-proof way to plant a garden. 

The seed- and plant food-filled biodegradable pods take the guesswork out of starting seeds and figuring out how deep to bury them. Just stick the pod into the ground until it’s level with the top of the soil and water it every day. Boom, garden achieved. 

The seeds are around $2 a pod, or you can get a whole garden’s worth of herbs and greens for $23

All images courtesy Miracle-Gro via YouTube