Wear Your Simpsons Fandom on Your Lapel With These Cool Pins

Patti Lapel on Instagram
Patti Lapel on Instagram / Patti Lapel on Instagram

Most casual fans can name the members of The Simpsons family and a few other Springfield residents, but you have to be pretty hardcore to see an image of a crying baseball player and recognize it as Darryl Strawberry from the 1992 episode, "Homer at Bat." That's the kind of deep cut that the company Patti Lapel banks on with its limited edition, pop culture-themed enamel pins.

With references to obscure Simpsons guests, Nintendo 64 game cartridges, defunct video store logos, Internet memes, and condiments, the pins are inside jokes that are only funny to the people who get it, because any real explanation would ruin the humor. On average, the accessories cost $10 and are only made in batches of 100.

According to The Creator's Project, custom enamel pins are gaining in popularity, thanks largely to social media platforms like Instagram. Check out some of Patti Lapel's past designs, and follow their account to have a better shot at grabbing new designs when they are released.

All images via Patti Lapel on Instagram