Turn Your Instagram Photos Into a Coloring Book

Rudie Obias
Color Me Book
Color Me Book / Color Me Book

As adult coloring books are becoming increasingly popular as a kind of meditation and art therapy, Color Me Book wants to make sure you're coloring something that matters to you. So the Los Angeles-based company has launched a line of customizable coloring books that turn any of your Instagram photos into simple, ready-to-color line drawings.

All you need to do is upload your photos or screenshots to the Color Me Book website, and hand-traced replicas will be sent to you in a unique coloring book through the mail. For customers who want their pages faster, digital copies can also be requested, which you can print out at home.

If your own Instagram feed is leaving you feeling uninspired, Color Me Book also has a small line of premade coloring books that feature trendy themes like “brunch” and “yoga.” Personalized Instagram coloring books are $25 for five pages, $40 for 10 pages, or $5 for a single digital download.

[h/t Ufunk]