This Portable Battery Can Charge Your Phone for Over a Month

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On-the-go chargers and charging cases for smartphones come in all shapes and sizes, with some designed to give devices as much as a 200 percent bump in battery power. Not having to plug devices into the wall for a day or two is already convenient, but according to, Anker has introduced a new product that gives users the ability to go outlet-free for much longer.

The Anker Powerhouse combines the features of an AC/DC power inverter and several portable chargers into one relatively small package, with enough juice to charge a smartphone as many as 40 times. Weighing in at about 9 pounds, the device is clearly not meant to be a pocket-sized charger, but it is smaller and more manageable than most gas-powered portable generators.

Recharging the Powerhouse can be done with a standard AC outlet, or with a solar panel. This makes it a good fit for camping, beach, or road trips, or for much longer journeys. The device features a high-density lithium ion battery with a 120,600 mAh capacity, which Anker says is enough to keep a mini fridge powered for 7 hours or provide 15V of light for over 100 hours. And if you're traveling or hanging out with friends, everyone can share the wealth. The Powerhouse has four USB ports and a battery management system that keeps connected devices (including emergency equipment or medical devices) safe.

The Anker Powerhouse is available for pre-order on Amazon now for $500, with devices shipping in late May.


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