This Levitating Bluetooth Speaker Is Shaped Like the Death Star

Kirstin Fawcett

Looking to expand your collection of Star Wars memorabilia, and need some new speakers? Tech manufacturer Hellosy has created a floating Bluetooth sound system that’s shaped like the Death Star, Uproxx reports.

The tiny model of the galactic super-weapon spins and levitates like it's suspended in space. While it doesn’t have the power to blow up a planet, the portable, battery-powered device can play music for up to eight hours, CNET writes. (It also comes equipped with a charger, a charging cradle, and a USB cable.) And if you’re looking for a little mood lighting, the speaker also glows in the dark.

The $400 Death Star speaker is currently sold out on Amazon and elsewhere, but if you're willing to do some leg work and/or pick up a different model of Death Star speaker (there are a lot!) you can score deals on eBay. (We know that the Force might strong with you, but not necessarily with your wallet.)

[h/t Uproxx]

Banner image courtesy of Amazon