Looking to expand your collection of Star Wars memorabilia, and need some new speakers? Tech manufacturer Hellosy has created a floating Bluetooth sound system that’s shaped like the Death Star, Uproxx reports.

The tiny model of the galactic super-weapon spins and levitates like it's suspended in space. While it doesn’t have the power to blow up a planet, the portable, battery-powered device can play music for up to eight hours, CNET writes. (It also comes equipped with a charger, a charging cradle, and a USB cable.) And if you’re looking for a little mood lighting, the speaker also glows in the dark.

The $400 Death Star speaker is currently sold out on Amazon and elsewhere, but if you're willing to do some leg work and/or pick up a different model of Death Star speaker (there are a lot!) you can score deals on eBay. (We know that the Force might strong with you, but not necessarily with your wallet.)

[h/t Uproxx]

Banner image courtesy of Amazon