LA Public Library Cards Now Feature Art by Shepard Fairey


Public libraries rarely get the chance to be hip, but the Los Angeles Public Library (LAPL) just made getting a library card an act of ultra-cool art appreciation.

Curbed Los Angeles reports that, for the first update to the LAPL’s card design in two decades, the library teamed up with street artist Shepard Fairey—who created the “Hope” poster used widely throughout Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign—and artist Cleon Peterson to create a card that ups the game for membership passes everywhere. The art was originally commissioned by the Library Foundation of Los Angeles for its Young Literati Annual Toast, and it was later adapted for the cards. The black-and-green cards feature the grand architecture of the system’s Central Library building.

“My wife Amanda and I believe in the value of libraries to provide resources for the public, especially those who can’t afford decent computers or an extensive book collection,” Fairey wrote on his Instagram. “When I was younger, I did most of my research for art and design at the library. The L.A. Public Library system also has great tutoring and summer reading programs that are free to the public, and a needed supplement to our underfunded school system.”

The limited-edition cards are now available at the system’s 73 libraries, so get one while they last. If you’ve already got a card, you can pay $3 for a snazzy replacement.

[h/t Curbed Los Angeles]

Banner image by Eric Garcetti via Instagram