This App Reminds You to Follow Up With New Contacts

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The hardest part of networking is working up the courage to reach out and schedule that meeting after your initial connection, and you wouldn't want your elbow-rubbing go to waste because you failed to follow up. Instead of relying on your memory to send that email, Kahoots lets you set reminders to follow up with contacts right after making their acquaintance.

The app recently launched for Android after getting its start on iOS in 2014. To use it, users simply snap a photo of a new connection's business card that would otherwise end up crumpled in their wallets. The app then transcribes the information and creates a new contact in your phone automatically. From there, users can set a reminder to follow up at a custom or pre-set time, like "later tonight" or "next week." 


Considering how easy it is to accumulate business cards at networking events, the card-scanning feature is useful enough on its own. But don't discount the importance of following up when it comes to building strong connections. According to Judy Robinett, the author of How to Be a Power Connector, you should make an effort to follow up within 24 hours of your first interaction. And when you do send your email, make sure it stands out by including a useful tidbit or article that your contact will find valuable. 

[h/t lifehacker]