Americans Are Eating More and More Pizza, Report Finds

Anna Green
iStock / iStock

Pizza is more than just a quick and delicious snack—it’s an unstoppable force. Americans went from eating pizza 3.4 times per month on average in 2014 to eating it four full times a month, according to a recent report released by restaurant industry tracker Technomic, Inc.

Food Business News reports that Technomic analyzed pizza consumption habits since 2014, and discovered not only that Americans were eating more pizza, but that their pizza preferences were changing. According to Technomic’s trend report, there was an 8 percent increase in the number of pizza lovers who said unique toppings were “highly important,” and they observed that toppings like chicken and prosciutto, and spicy sauces made with Sriracha or buffalo sauce, were becoming increasingly common.

“Today’s consumers are less beholden to their standard pizza orders, as emerging players push the envelope of what’s expected on a pizza menu,” Deanna Jordan, manager of consumer insights at Technomic, told Food Business News.

[h/t Food Business News]