Driverless Pods Will Hit Singapore's Streets This Year

Rudie Obias
2getthere / 2getthere

The future of commuting is here—and it’s driverless. Singapore’s second-largest public transportation system, SMRT, announced a joint partnership with 2getthere, a Dutch transportation and technology company, to bring driverless pods to the streets of Singapore. The new company, called 2getthere Asia, plans to bring autonomous public transportation to Singapore by the end of the year.

The futuristic commuter pods run on electricity and don’t require gas to operate; they travel autonomously on smaller roads and under any weather conditions. 2getthere Asia plans to roll out a fleet of 24-passenger cars that will transport an estimated 8000 passengers per hour throughout the city.

“Building on decades of technological development and experience gathered through projects implemented worldwide, our innovative technology will be able to optimize the efficiency, reliability, and safety of transport networks,” 2getthere founder/CEO Carel van Helsdingen said in a statement.

2getthere already operates a number of electric pods that help commuters in Abu Dhabi and Rotterdam. Which puts us one step closer to making the Johnny Cabs from Total Recall a reality.

[h/t Mashable]