Watch a Drum Covered in Colorful Pigment Get Hit in Glorious Slo-Mo


Popular YouTubers The Slow Mo Guys are back with what might be one of their prettiest videos yet. The team responded to multiple requests asking for a video that captured drums in slow motion. They decided to "art it up a little bit" as they say, by adding some colorful powdered pigments right on the surface of the instruments. When the mallet hits the drum, the powders explode in a beautiful multicolor cloud, all recorded in ultra-satisfying slow motion. The duo generously offers multiple views and different techniques (they hit the drum first on top, and then from the bottom for a different, but equally gorgeous effect). After that, an entirely different part of the drum set gets some love as the guys smash a color-covered cymbal too. 

[h/t SPLOID]

Primary image courtesy of YouTube.