Smart Clothespin Tells You When Your Laundry Is Done

Rudie Obias

Line-drying your clothes just got a lot easier! Australia-based laundry detergent maker OMO has developed a smart clothespin that sends you updates on your wet laundry hanging outside. It’s called Peggy and syncs to your smartphone via Wi-Fi, then alerts you with up-to-the-minute notifications on the temperature, humidity, and sunlight levels in order to calculate when your clothes are finished drying.

Peggy is built with a number of sensors that keep an eye on your laundry, so you’re free to do other things. It even updates you on the weather forecast and tells you the best time to hang your clothes outside, so that a downpour doesn’t interrupt the drying process.

The smart clothespin is rechargeable and connects to your computer or outlet through a USB port. Currently, OMO is testing Peggy for market, but you can sign up for email updates now.

[h/t CNET]

Images courtesy OMO Australia/YouTube.