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A television show from the 1980s about pilots who can combine their robots to form a super robot seems like it was made just so that kids could someday recreate it using LEGOs. There is currently no official Voltron: Defender of the Universe LEGO set, but one MOC builder on the LEGO Ideas website is trying to fill that void. User len_d69's idea includes all five lion robots from the show, which can be reassembled to form a Voltron figure that stands 16 inches tall.

Each LEGO Ideas project needs 10,000 votes before it can be considered for production. According to Gizmodo, this Voltron: Defender of the Universe set was 8000 votes short before the weekend. Since then, more than 4500 people have cast their ballot for the project, which has been granted additional time to acquire the remaining votes. This is not the first time a builder has proposed a Voltron set, but a search on the website shows that most of the other projects were met with very little support before time expired.

The LEGO Ideas project page doesn't list the number of pieces used, but it's safe to say that if it reaches production, this build will take some time. Check out the images below, and head to the pitch page if you want to support.

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