This Machine Is a Keurig for Fresh Tortillas


Making tortillas, while technically simple—mix masa and water, flatten, fry—is in reality, usually messy and time consuming, especially if you’re trying to make enough to feed a whole family. Swiss startup Flatev is trying to make whipping up piping hot tortillas and roti as easy as making a cup of coffee in the office kitchen.

As reported by Co.Design, the prototype operates much like a Keurig: pop in one of the “dough pods,” and the petite tabletop oven will toast up a fresh tortilla. It takes the mess and the mixing out of making tortillas, and ensures that you’ll always get a uniformly thin, round product, rather than a small, lumpy mound of dough.

Naturally, high-tech convenience comes with a price: The company estimates that the machine will cost around $300, and each pod will run you about 90 cents. But, for the tortilla connoisseur who wants fresh tortillas with zero effort and no cleanup, it might be worth the price.

Tortillas probably won’t be the only flat starch discs the Flatev will serve up in the future. The company is eyeing other flatbreads from around the world too, like pita or arepas.

[h/t Co.Design]