Hi-C Ecto Cooler is Officially Making a Comeback

Rebecca OConnell
eBay / eBay

As you might have heard (from us, hopefully), there have been some rumors about a certain neon green soft drink hitting store shelves again. This particular slime-like beverage, known as Ecto Cooler, was a product tie-in for the cartoon The Real Ghostbusters. Heralded by kids in the '80s, this drink was such a success that it existed long after the show was canceled. The beloved drink was eventually retired in 2001. (Slimer left the box sometime earlier)

Fans everywhere were devastated by this development, and quickly began concocting alternative recipes, but nothing could replace the Slimer-adorned juicebox. Fortunately, those fans no longer have to settle for homebrews, because Coca-Cola signed off on bringing back the original drink back. This time, the product will tie-in with the upcoming Ghostbusters movie on July 15.

According to the press release, the drink will be sold in 10 packs of cardboard boxes and 12 packs of aluminum cans. The labels will be printed in a special thermal ink that will glow green when the drink is cold.

[h/t io9]