See-through food is so hot right now. For evidence, just look to raindrop cake, an ephemeral dessert that took first Japan, then Brooklyn, by storm. So just imagine how impressed your friends will be at your next game night when you bring out a bowl of glass potato chips. 

“Don’t worry,” you assure them. “They’re not real glass. Nor were they a pane to make!” Then toss your hair and revel in your friends’ admiration and awe. That's what they're feeling. Trust us.

Seriously, though, these aren’t that hard to make. As you might guess by looking at it, the original glass potato chip was the product of a fancy restaurant chef (Diva at the Met’s Hamid Salimian). But that doesn’t mean you need to renovate your kitchen to play along at home. Instructables contributor Imnopeas has adapted Salimian’s recipe, complete with encouraging photos of her kids helping. “This chip is stunning,” she says. “It's see-through like no other food. It has the distinct crunch and flavor of a potato chip, but in an unexpected space-age form.”

Image Credit: Imnopeas// Creative Commons

To make your own glass chips, you’ll need the following:

8 Yukon Gold potatoes
High quality finishing salt or kosher salt
1/2 cup olive oil
4 cups water
4 tablespoons potato starch 
Fresh herbs
A squeeze bottle (an empty mustard or ketchup container would work)

Get the full recipe at Instructables.