Watch This Blowtorch Reduce a Jawbreaker to Sugary Soup


Attempting to eat a Jawbreaker can be a serious undertaking. The layered candies are notorious for causing jaw and tongue fatigue, but that's because we've been going at them the wrong way. At least, according to YouTube channel LMT (Let's Melt This). Nerdist recently shared a video from the popular series that shows the most efficient way to get to the center of a Jawbreaker: with a blowtorch capable of spitting a 1900°F flame.

For those who can resist the urge to bite through the dense sugar sphere, licking a Jawbreaker that is over 2 inches in diameter can take hours (or days, if you're a middle schooler carrying it around in a plastic bag). But for LMT, melting an entire Jawbreaker from outer layer to center only took under 4 minutes. The footage was sped up to be made into a shorter clip (above).

Watching the candy quickly change colors as the blowtorch liquefies each layer is oddly captivating, though we can only imagine the fumes that the coloring, wax, and other ingredients are releasing at they melt. (Disclaimer: Due to the dangerous nature of this experiment—including the fumes—we don't recommend trying this at home.)

You can enjoy the video above, but it's probably best to leave the pyrotechnics to the professionals. After all, why would you destroy your own Jawbreaker when you can spend a week eating it instead?

[h/t Nerdist]

Image via YouTube