Sheepdog Travels 240 Miles To Find His Family


On April 8, 4-year-old Pero, who was sold to farmers in Cockermouth, England to herd sheep, went missing from work. Twelve days later, the sheepdog was found on his former owner’s doorstep near Aberystwyth, Wales—after he had traveled 240 miles to return home, Mashable reports.

Pero’s owners in Wales, Alan and Shan James, have no idea how their intrepid pup managed to make the long journey, or what kind of adventures he had on the way, according to the BBC. What they do know is that on April 20, when Alan James went out in the evening to check on his other animals, he found Pero waiting on his doorstep, tail wagging.

"The farmer in Cockermouth was looking for a dog that could round sheep and follow a quad bike, and we thought Pero would be ideal for the job,” Shan James told the BBC. “It's a total mystery as to how Pero has managed to find his way back to us. We know that dogs can find their way home, but 240 miles is a long way to travel.”

James explained that Pero didn’t look particularly hungry or weak when he arrived, which implies that, like the adventuring pets in Homeward Bound(1993), he may have made some friends on his incredible journey. Fortunately for Pero, the James family has welcomed their former pet back with open arms, and though they’d originally sold him to the Cockermouth farm, they’ve now decided to keep him.

[h/t Mashable]

Banner Image Credit: Go123, YouTube