This Chart Shows the Interconnected World of Seinfeld


Pop Chart Lab

Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer encountered a lot of memorable characters during Seinfeld's nine-season run. But if you have trouble distinguishing the close-talkers from the low-talkers, this comprehensive poster is for you.

The "Chart About Nothing" catalogs 230 characters based on their connections to one another. Each character is labeled to show which of the main four they're connected to and colored-coded to convey the nature of that relationship. Jackie Chiles (professional relationship), Uncle Leo (family), David Puddy (romantic relationship), and of course Newman (friend/antagonist) are all included. The 24-by-36-inch poster also shows how many characters are connected to each member of the main cast. Jerry has the most love interests (44) as well as the most enemies (22), but George's antagonist count comes in at a close second with 21.

The chart's description reads: "Ideal for gifting (or even re-gifting), this chart-about-a-show-about-nothing is the perfect something for the true Seinfeld obsessive in search of serenity now." You can pre-order the poster for $35 from Pop Chart Lab