Original Nintendo Consoles Reborn as Custom Guitars

Etsy / Etsy

Since its discontinuation in North America in 1995, the Nintendo Entertainment System and its accessories have seen their share of alternative uses. Crafty Etsy user Doni Guitars came up with a more musical interpretation, turning the classic consoles into handmade electric guitars. Cleverly deemed the "NES Paul" (a reference to the inventor and namesake of the popular Les Paul guitar model), Doni Guitars' creation is playable and can be customized with the buyer's favorite game character on the headstock.

The UK-based builder also offers Star Wars-themed pieces shaped like the Millennium Falcon or the Y-Wing Starfighter vehicles. Curious about how they sound? A few YouTube videos, like the one below, feature musicians playing the Star Wars Rebel Bass and Solo guitars.

The NES Paul will set you back about $599, the Rebel Bass and Solo start at $749, or you can have DoniGuitars make you a one-of-a-kind piece for $899.

[h/t Popular Mechanics]

Images via Etsy.