These Suction Cup Mini-Planters Stick Right on Your Window

Shaunacy Ferro

Not everyone has a garden, or even a well-lit apartment, but that doesn't mean you can't flex your green thumb at home. Livi planters—recently launched on Kickstarter—stick straight onto glass, so even if you don't get a lot of natural sunshine or have a windowsill, you can still grow plants.

The sticky little planters can be attached to pretty much any type of vertical surface, which means you're not even confined to the window—you can grow plants on your walls or refrigerator, depending on lighting and the type of plant. The nanotechnology-based suction cups don't leave any residue when you remove the planter, according to the company, and can be stuck and unstuck repeatedly without losing their bonding powers.

The Livi planters hold 10 ounces (think a little bigger than a cup of coffee at a diner) and you can stick a small pot in them or fill them up directly with soil. A single planter can be yours for $12 via Kickstarter

[h/t Curbed]

All images courtesy of Livi via Kickstarter