Alien Sweaters and Facehugger Masks Pay Homage to the Iconic Film

Andrew LaSane
Mondo / Mondo

Fans of the Alien franchise recently celebrated all things Xenomorph on Alien Day (April 26, a reference to the moon LV-426 from the first two films). The pop culture enthusiasts over at Mondo got in on the fun by dropping a few surprise Alien-themed items, including apparel designed by Middle of Beyond.

The Mondo x Middle of Beyond collaboration includes items that pay homage to key moments from the original 1979 film. The one-size-fits-all Facehugger ski mask features a graphic of the parasitic early stage alien of the same name. On the other hand, the Xenomorph knit holiday sweater captures each stage of the alien's growth, while the Chestburster sweater depicts the shocking moment when the embryo deposited by the Facehugger grows and emerges from the host's chest.

Pre-orders for all three items are underway, with the ski mask priced at $30 and each sweater sold for $85.

All images via Mondo.