Monitor Your Plant's Health With This Smart Sensor


The Flower Power plant sensor may be the perfect device for data lovers with a green thumb. Created by Parrot—a company better known for selling drones—the sensor goes way beyond reminding you to water your plants more often. The smart device, which is placed right in the soil with the plant, lets you remotely monitor your plant’s wellbeing, providing information on sunlight, air temperature, fertilizer levels, soil moisture, and more, WIRED reports.

The battery-powered sensor (shown in the video above) can be used to care for a massive range of potted and outdoor plants. Using a massive digital dictionary, the app that accompanies the sensor can provide information on the ideal conditions and basic needs of over 7000 different plants. The app also automatically sends push notifications with updates about the plant’s needs, and allows users to chart watering schedules and log when they've added fertilizer.

Whether you’re cultivating a whole garden, or just struggling to keep your potted plant alive, the Flower Power sensor can help de-mystify the process of caring for a plant.

[h/t WIRED]

Banner Image Credit: Parrot, YouTube