Watch This Charming 1963 Documentary About Ray Bradbury


In 1963, science fiction and fantasy writer Ray Bradbury was the subject of a short documentary by David L. Wolper called “Story of a Writer.” Following Bradbury as he performs magic tricks for his kids, bikes around Los Angeles, and types away in his cluttered basement office, the documentary provides a fascinating glimpse into the personal life of the beloved writer.

The documentary, produced in the years leading up to the moon landing, presents Bradbury not only as a writer, but as something of a spokesman for the space age. “Much of his writing explores the future, the way man may live and think tomorrow,” explains the narrator. “But as his visions of tomorrow are overtaken by the events and scientific developments of today, as man steps beyond the threshold of space, Ray Bradbury, writer of the strange and the fantastic, finds himself a prophet in his own time.”

Over the course of the film, Bradbury ruminates about outer space and human technology, shares his feelings about robots, computers, and atomic power. He also provides plenty of advice for aspiring writers, explaining how tough it can be to break into the business, and how important it is to follow your passion. Check it out above.

Banner Image Credit: scificommons, YouTube