New College Grad? Here Are 10 of the Best Cities For You

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Armed with a degree, recent college graduates often feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment—immediately followed by a tremendous sense of unease. Deciding where to go next can be daunting. While friends and relatives can offer advice on where your skills might be best-suited, it’s anecdotal at best.

To help offset some of that uncertainty, recently looked at 100 of the country’s largest cities and measured their desirability based on the cost of living, job opportunities, and recreational activities.

Smart Asset

While tech-friendly Seattle and culturally vibrant Austin come as little surprise, graduates can’t really go wrong in Ohio: The state boasts three entries in the top ten (above), including top-ranked Cincinnati, which has the third-lowest cost of living of any major city and a very reasonable $538 median cost of monthly rent. For a full rundown, head to Smart Asset.

[h/t Business Insider]