Good Morning America Visits Star Trek: TNG in 1992

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In February 1992, Good Morning America anchors Charles Gibson and Joan Lunden visited the Star Trek: TNG set and delivered their morning broadcast there. It was deeply awkward. "We're on the bridge, which is really neat. There's neat stuff around here, on the Enterprise!" -Joan Lunden

At first the duo wandered around the sets, delivering their typical introductions to down-to-earth segments from the TNG shooting locations. (They were in the middle of an election primary season—sound familiar?) Eventually the anchors sat down with the cast for awkward interviews.

The broadcast closed with the anchors beaming down from the Enterprise, just after promoting the next day's interviews with the Democratic presidential primary candidates (!). A fan has cobbled together all the TNG-related bits in one 30-minute video here:

Trivia: This was shot during the filming of the episode Cost of Living, the 20th episode of the fifth season. (It's the one where Lwaxana Troi hangs out with Worf's son Alexander.) Can you spot the very significant cast member who is conspicuously absent from this awkward morning show? He made it so.

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