There's Now a Better Way to Buy Wine on eBay

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Over the past 20 years, eBay has established itself as a go-to ecommerce website, where buyers can find just about anything—even a bottle of sauvignon blanc. According to CNET, the company recently launched a U.S.-based wine marketplace in partnership with the startup Drync. The new site, called eBay Wine, offers buyers a new way to shop an inventory of over 10,000 bottles, without ever having to enter a store.

While purchasing wine on the website isn't new, sellers on eBay Wine are now "vetted by eBay," according to CNET. (It's a change that will hopefully help buyers avoid being tricked into counterfeit wines, which, according to some estimates, accounted for 20 percent of international sales in 2013.) Customers will also have more options to choose from and more information to help them make that choice. The site—which has been updated to include buying guides, featured collections, and curated selections by price, region, and other pairing considerations—will double its wine inventory in the coming months.

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And may we offer a suggestion? Girl Scout Cookies are still being sold in some parts of the country, so while you're shopping for a bottle of your favorite vino, check out this handy guide to find the perfect wine and cookie pairing.

[h/t CNET]