Watch an iPad-Tapping Robot Shatter the Piano Tiles Record


No matter how many hours you devote to perfecting the app-based game Piano Tiles 2, this robot's record-claiming performance will be tough to beat. In the video above, you can watch the four-fingered mechanism tap the tiles in perfect sync as they move at an insanely rapid rate.

To achieve this impressive feat, an iPhone was suspended above an iPad to record the game at 120 frames per second as it played through the beginner stage. Each time it sensed a tile coming up, the phone signaled the robot to strike the iPad screen at the perfectly timed moment.

As you can see from the recording, the result is a rapid-fire round of Piano Tiles that puts our awkward human fingers to shame. The machine did eventually miss a tile once they started scrolling down at a rate of 21 tiles per second, so setting a new record would technically be possible for someone with superhuman dexterity.

[h/t The Verge]

Header/banner images courtesy of DenverFinn via YouTube