Step-Counting App Tracks Your Progress in the World of Super Mario Bros.

Nick Greene
Steve Ciccio //
Steve Ciccio // / Steve Ciccio //

Previously, we calculated the distance Mario has to run and swim in Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. in order to reach the princess. Assuming the pre-mushroom, “small” Mario is the same size as an an adult human man, we found that he has to travel about 3.4 miles in order to get from starting point to final castle. Not a bad stroll for the little plumber.

Now, thanks to a step-counting app developed for Pebble smart watches, wearers can see how far they would make it in the world of Super Mario Bros. based on their own daily walking habits.

Steps With Mario shows distance traveled as a screenshot from Super Mario Bros. As you walk throughout your day, the smart watch records your progress and displays images of corresponding levels based on where you would be in Mario’s world. The more you walk, the closer you get to the princess. Once you hit 3.4 miles, the game's final screen appears and stays there until the app resets to level 1-1 the next day.

Steps With Mario is designed by developer Steve Ciccio, and you can download it from Pebble’s website here.