Watch This Homemade Hoverbike Take Flight


Today's hover technology isn't as accessible as pop culture of the past predicted it would be—but we're getting closer. One inventive YouTuber decided to try and do what qualified engineers haven't yet: design and build a hoverbike from scratch, Gizmodo reports.

Inventor Colin Furze has amassed a sizable following for his videos, which feature projects like recreations of video game weapons, a device that shoots explosive fireballs, and an ejector bed. For this latest installment, Furze accepted a challenge from the Ford Motor Company to "unlearn" what he knew about mobility to make something "wacky." After receiving more than 14,000 suggestions from fans, Furve settled on a flying bike and began devising a plan (which he explains in a video).

First, he created a sketch of a vehicle that uses two large downward facing fans for lift. Then, he bought supplies and starting building, tweaking the design along the way.

The video above shows the successful conclusion to the experiment. Taking advantage of an open field, Furze hovers a full foot off the ground, spinning in circles and drifting around with only shifts in his weight to guide the machine. The video also shows the process of learning to control the one-of-a-kind ride.

[h/t Gizmodo]

Images courtesy of Youtube.