Watch a Baby Puffin See the World for the First Time


Puffins are black-and-white birds that are specially adapted to spend most of their lives at sea. But when it’s finally time to mate, these ocean-loving birds return to land, where they create burrows either in the sand or between rocks, and lay a single egg. After 40 days of incubation, a baby puffin—a “puffling”—is finally born.

Time recently posted the above video, which follows BBC documentary filmmakers as they visit England’s Farne Islands. An island warden gives them a tour of the shoreline, and digs into a burrow to pull out a surprised, wide-eyed puffling. Watch the fluffy bird see the world for the first time—and while you’re at it, take some time to learn more about the bright-beaked “sea parrots."

[h/t Time]