Professional Stunt Trainer Will Teach Movie Swordsmanship in Cities Around the World

istock / istock

Professional actor and stunt trainer Adrian Paul is bringing his unique brand of cinematic sword fighting to cities around the world, Variety reports. Paul, who is best known for his role as Duncan MacLeod in the TV series Highlander (1992-1998), has been sword fighting on screen for three decades.

Last year, Paul organized a few sword fighting classes to raise money for his charity, The Peace Fund. The lessons were so popular that he decided to take them on tour. So far, Paul has announced classes in Houston, Chicago, London, Stuttgart, and Minneapolis, with more dates to be determined.

Paul will be teaching each approximately four-hour long class himself, providing insights into Hollywood, basic sword fighting lessons, and tips for how to make a fight look good on screen. His classes also provide insights into the ways popular TV shows and movies like Star Wars and Game of Thrones choreograph their fight sequences.

“Whether the experience inspires them to continue training or gives them a memory, it’s a day people will remember for a long time,” Paul told Variety.

Watch Paul’s Sword Experience promo video below—and if you’re interested in learning movie sword fighting from the Highlander himself, check out the Sword Experience website for more information.

[h/t Variety]