Watch a Group of Daredevils Perform High-Wire Slam-Dunk Stunts


Beneath a 32-foot-tall bridge in Ljubljana, Slovenia, a group known as the Dunking Devils took on a high-flying challenge. As Gizmodo reports, the squad armed themselves with GoPros, installed rope swings and a basketball hoop, and proceeded to slam-dunk in as many ways they could think of.

"This movie is a testament to what can be done when a one disregards the norm and goes out to set new boundaries," the caption on YouTube reads. In addition to difficult dunks, members of the group show off their flips, spins, and wild dismounts.

Take in all the stunts in the video above and for more acrobatics, check out the Dunking Devils YouTube page.

[h/t Gizmodo]

All images courtesy of YouTube.