Watch This Cotton Candy Rapidly Melt Into a Syrupy Puddle


YouTube has given the world many visual delights, including slow motion explosions, hydraulic press destruction, timelapse eruptions, and now, the incredibly satisfying experience of watching something melt into a puddle of goop. The well-named YouTube channel LMT (Let's Melt This) is dedicated to finding interesting objects—and melting them. Previously, they introduced a jawbreaker to a blowtorch, leaving a colorful puddle of sugar, and in their latest video, they put cotton candy under the flame. The fluffy candy takes no time to succumb to becoming a syrupy blue mess. They then follow up with a red piece that ultimately "resembled something from a horror movie," as they write in the video description. Cotton candy is known for quickly disintegrating (just ask this raccoon) so the entire process of melting two pieces takes under a minute. 

[h/t SPLOID]

Primary image courtesy of YouTube.