Just in case palm tree-shaped islands, an indoor ski resort, and a new sky-high tower weren’t enough incentive for tourists to visit Dubai, the city will soon offer thrill-seekers the chance to walk across a 935-foot-high skywalk, Travel + Leisure reports.

Developers of AYKON City, a luxury hotel and building complex that's slated to be built in the heart of Dubai, plan to construct the skywalk so that it scales the mini-city's tallest tower. Fittingly, the attraction will be called the AYKON Dare.

If you’re familiar with the EdgeWalk at Toronto’s CN Tower or the SkyWalk at Auckland’s Sky Tower, then you likely have some idea of how the AYKON Dare works. In Dubai’s take on the attraction, brave individuals will climb to a skyscraper's 78th floor and step onto a landing platform overlooking Dubai. There, they'll be strapped into harnesses attached to a safety rail before climbing up the skywalk. Their final destination? A glass-bottomed viewing capsule on the building's roof.

The entire experience will take about an hour, and it is meant to let visitors mimic "the feeling of walking in the air," Mashable reports. However, since construction just began on AYKON City, the skywalk isn't expected to be completed until 2021.

[h/t Travel + Leisure]