These Fruit-Themed Wrappers Make Toilet Paper Pretty

Andrew LaSane
Latona / Latona

Toilet paper isn't meant to be aesthetically pleasing, but designer Kazuaki Kawahara has created fruit-themed wraps that transform the bathroom staple into something that you might actually use as decoration.

The Fruits Toilet Paper collection turns rolls into pieces of strawberry, kiwi, watermelon, and orange, with the ends revealing faux cross sections of each fruit. DesignTaxi shared the designs back in 2014, and since then, Kawahara's TP art has made the rounds online, and earned her Platinum recognition in the 2015 Pentawards, a global packaging design competition, and the Golden A' Design Award for 2016.

The rolls are available via the Latona Marketing online store as a 4-piece gift set for around $13 (currently sold out), or a box of 48 for $130. 

[h/t Designboom]

Images via Latona