Watch This Tortoise Reign Over Its Jurassic Park Habitat


It may not be the real Jurassic Park, but this miniature version is also home to a beloved creature. Kotaku recently shared a video of a fan-created habitat for a pet tortoise that looks like a shrunken version of the location from the film.

Set to the Jurassic Park theme by composer John Williams, the video (above) shows sweeping "aerial" shots of the habitat and its sole attraction, a Leopard tortoise named Louie. The enclosure features a miniature version of the franchise's iconic front gates, with the logo above the archway and fake torches lining either side. There's also a broken fence that gives Louie access to the other side of his property, a shallow pool, and a handmade visitor's center with dinosaur carvings around the door.

[h/t Kotaku]