Listen to the Unique Sounds of Electromechanical Beat Machines

Andrew LaSane

People have been making musical instruments by hand for centuries, and the machines that engineer Koka Nikoladze creates are a cool new chapter in a long tradition. Laughing Squid recently shared videos of Nikoladze's analog beat machines, which combine springs and other reused parts with electronic components to produce melodic patterns.

Nikoladze's training as a violinist, composer, and technology developer has clearly influenced the one-of-a-kind programmable machines he builds. The first video posted to his Vimeo page features a montage of the musician connecting parts of an intricate creation titled "Koka's Beat Machine No. 1." Accompanied by a violinist, Nikoladze cranks the machine by hand and raps along to the pings and plucks as the rulers, spoons, springs, and gears create rhythmic noise together. The videos do not show the entire build process for the machines, but like this massive marble-powered instrument, seeing close-ups of the components is more than enough to impress.

[h/t: Laughing Squid]

Image via Vimeo