Discover the Science Behind Your Cat’s Weird Ways

Caitlin Schneider

Cats are endlessly mysterious creatures—it’s all part of their appeal. And while feline owners and the Internet alike revel in their many weird ways, veterinarian and “cat guru” Tony Buffington recently shared some insights on cat behavior in a talk for TED-Ed.

Aptly titled “Why do cats act so weird?,” Buffington’s lesson looks back at how cats survived in the wild, long before we made them our domestic partners.

No matter how many cans of Fancy Feast you buy her, Fluffy doesn’t know she’s no longer fending for herself, and that explains much of her seemingly strange ways. From climbing up furniture to squeezing into small spaces, it’s all reflective of a time when cats had to stalk their prey while avoiding becoming prey themselves.

Buffington also touches on one of our favorite cat facts: Those sweet-sounding purrs are good for their health—and yours.

For more, check out the adorably animated video above.

Banner image: iStock.