Turn Your iPad Into a Typewriter With This Bluetooth Keyboard

Qwerkytoys / Qwerkytoys
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If you’re looking for a classic typewriter with the modern convenience of Internet connectivity, then the Qwerkywriter is the wireless keyboard for you. The elegant, vintage-style keyboard turns any iPad, tablet, or desktop computer into an old-school mechanical typewriter. No Wite-Out required.

Just connect the keyboard via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and your system will read it as if it were any other wireless keyboard. The three-pound keyboard is made from aluminum with “clicky” mechanical key caps and switches. It even features a built-in tablet stand, which mimics a real typewriter’s paper slot, feed rollers, and carriage return. It’s also rechargeable, with up to three months of battery life and standby time. The keyboard is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows 10, and Mac OS X.

You can purchase the Qwertywriter for $269.99 on Amazon.

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