This Goat-Horn Shaped Coffee Mug Lets You Sip Your Morning Brew Like a Mountain Man

Kirstin Fawcett

According to an Ethiopian legend, coffee was discovered in ancient times, when a goat herder named Kaldi noticed his flock nibbling on some red berries growing on a Coffea arabica tree. The goats were so hyper that Kaldi decided to try them for himself. Noting the fruit’s stimulating effect, Kaldi introduced it to monks at a local monastery, and the rest is history. 

In honor of this fateful tale, Slovenian design studio Desnahemisfera teamed up with MyEqua, a sustainable water bottle manufacturer, to create the GOAT Mug. The portable, horn-shaped coffee mug comes with leather straps so you can wear it slung across your shoulders, mountain-man style, or attach it to your bag. And if you're the type who bleats if you don't get enough caffeine, the vessel's ergonomic shape lets you slurp down every last drop of Joe.

Thanks in part to a successful Kickstarter funding round, the GOAT Mug is now available for purchase online, starting at $29.50. It comes in two different colors, white and black, and its trim is available in several shades and materials. 

Love coffee, and want to channel your inner shepherd? Check out GOAT Mug's Kickstarter video above.

Header image via GOAT Story