It Took 400 Hours to Create This Massive Minecraft Map


One reason that the video game Minecraft is so popular is because players are only limited by their own creativity. Beyond the objectives of the game's story, players can dream up new elements and build to their heart's content. Kotaku recently shared a map created by a gamer who must have an incredibly large heart, because the world is massive and took over 400 hours to create.

Measuring 6000 blocks by 6000 blocks, the map is of a world that creator darastlix calls Phain–Game Board of the Ancients. In a blog post on Planet Minecraft, darastlix shares how the map was made using the programming language Python, a 3D terrain generator called World Machine, the rendering tool Chunky, the interactive graphical map generator World Painter, and editing features included in Minecraft itself. Hundreds of hexagons (923 to be exact) connect to form Phain, and there are four color coded areas that provide transitions from snowy mountains to dry deserts and yellow fields. Teleportation pads help players get around faster, but as the video above explains, there are dire consequences for overusing them.

The best part about this map is that players can download it from the Planet Minecraft website and explore it for themselves. Below are some images that darastlix shared on Imgur of the vast labor of love. Check them out, then go get happily lost in Phain.

[h/t Kotaku]

Images via darastlix on Imgur