Are Star Wars Fans Better Writers Than Trekkies?

Grammarly / Grammarly

If you're a fan of futuristic TV shows and movies, chances are that you either belong to Team Star Wars or Team Star Trek. It’s hard to determine which franchise has a more robust fan base. However, thanks to writing enhancement platform Grammarly, it’s easy to figure out which group of sci-fi aficionados boasts better communication skills.

Grammarly analyzed nearly 2000 comments from Star Wars and Star Trek Reddit fan communities. They paid close attention to punctuation, grammar, and spelling as well as how chatty each fan base was, and how often various characters and episodes were discussed. They summarized their findings in the infographic below, which they shared with mental_floss just in time for May 4 (otherwise known as the unofficial holiday Star Wars Day).

Try guessing which topics the two fan groups discussed the most—and which one had the best writers overall. May the Fourth be with you!

[h/t Grammarly]