Customize Your Workspace With Printed Vinyl Desk Covers

Andrew LaSane
Image via Evodesk
Image via Evodesk / Image via Evodesk

We choose phone cases and laptop skins that proudly reflect our unique personalities (be it bold, ironic, or professional). Now, sustainable standing desk manufacturer Evodesk has introduced a new product that allows us to gussy up our desks. Use these high-quality skins to transform your desk into a beach picnic table, tropical landscape, or sports arena (basically, anything that will make your workspace a happier place). 

Evodesk Deskshields are made from automotive grade vinyl and have a top layer of thick laminate to help protect the image and desk itself. Using 1440dpi digital print technology, the company is able to apply any high resolution image to the vinyl, including geometric patterns, close-ups of the sun, cute animals, or custom artwork. And the shields are removable, which makes swapping one out for a new design simple.

The possibilities for customization are endless. Choose a pre-existing design from the online gallery, or upload one of your own. Check out a few sample skins from Evodesk below, and head to the retailer's website for more information about ordering a personalized Evodesk with Deskshield today.

All images via Evodesk