Immortalize Your Pet With Custom Embroidery

Rebecca OConnell
Etsy / Etsy

Love your pet and looking for the most kitschy way possible to celebrate him or her? Consider a highly detailed, embroidered recreation of your beloved companion. Artist Emillie Ferris sells realistic images of your pet using just a needle and thread through her Etsy store. The incredible animal art is meticulously hand-sewn onto five-inch embroidery hoops. With just string (DMC embroidery floss to be specific), Ferris is able to capture the true likeness of your dog, cat, or bunny in a lovely (and incredibly lifelike) way. You just need to send a well-lit photograph of your furry pal to get started. Despite the impressive level of detail, the hoops only take the artist 13 to 18 hours to create (it would take us years).

At the moment, Ferris does not have any custom pet portraits on sale, but hopefully she'll add some new listings soon. If not, there are still plenty of fun ways to portraitize your pet.

[h/t My Modern Met Selects]