How to Properly Wrap Your Cheese

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Bad news: Unless you’re a cheesemonger, you’re probably storing your aged dairy products all wrong. The main tenet of keeping cheese fresh and delicious? No plastic! Cheese can actually absorb the flavors of the material. Additionally, a tight wrapping of cellophane can trap smells that would otherwise dissipate, and promote bacterial growth, so cheese experts recommend using waxed paper instead.

Formaticum, a cheese paper company (repeat: cheese storage solutions!), has a series of handy video guides on how to properly wrap just about every type and shape of cheese. Obviously, the company wants you to buy its papers and bags, but just about any wax paper will work. Observe the various techniques:

You can watch even more instructional videos on the Formaticum Vimeo channel. Of course, this is all just temporary until you get your home cheese cave, right? 

[h/t Lifehacker]