Beats and Big Macs: McDonald's Introduces Musical Placemats in the Netherlands

Andrew LaSane

While the workers were busy constructing burgers behind the counter, McDonald's Netherlands customers were in front of it constructing beats on specially-made paper trays, thanks to a collaborative project by the TBWA\Neboko ad agency and the This Page Amsterdam production studio.

Hypebeast reports that McTrax trays were only available at McDonald's locations in the Netherlands for one day in late April. Printed using conductive ink, the placemats were programmed to connect to smartphones via an app. Once connected, customers could access a series of musical production tools including a synthesizer, sampler, and beat station with a pre-installed sound bank of techno, hip hop, house, dancehall, and other rhythm loops. The placemat also allowed customers to save and share their beats with friends on social media.

Sadly, according to Hypebeast, the McTrax will not make its way to the United States. So for now, we can only experience it vicariously by watching others play with it in the clip above. Of course there are other beat machine apps and equipment out there, but as far as we know, none of them come with fries or a McFlurry.

[h/t Hypebeast]

Banner image via YouTube