This Sleek Modular House Is Made From Cardboard


Cardboard isn’t just for boxes anymore, thanks in part to Amsterdam-based design collective Fiction Factory. According to Dezeen, they’ve developed a sleek modular building constructed from the inexpensive—yet surprisingly strong and durable—material.  

Called the Wikkelhouse (that’s “Wrap House” in Dutch), the surprisingly chic structure is made from a series of interlocking cardboard segments, which can be attached or detached to change the house’s length. Each section is made from 24 layers of cardboard, “wrapped” around a house-shaped mold and topped with a waterproof coating and wood paneling, Curbed reports. The final product is a weather-proof house that’s designed to last 100 years and be recyclable, should you ever choose to dispose of it.

Since the Wikkelhouse doesn’t require a foundation, it can reportedly be built on-site in just one day. And so you won’t feel like you’re living in a cardboard box (even though, well, you kind of are), the modular home comes equipped with a prefabricated kitchen and bathroom.

Interested in joining the tiny house bandwagon and trying the Wikkelhouse on for size? The company is currently taking orders, though it's a bit pricier than the cardboard home your cat has made out of that recent online order. At around $80,000 a pop, you might be cooking ramen in the home’s prefabricated kitchen for years to come.

[h/t Dezeen]

Banner image courtesy of YouTube.