Go Behind The Scenes at the Smithsonian's Whale Warehouse

Anna Green

The Smithsonian Institution’s whale and small cetacean warehouses hold the largest collection of marine mammal specimens in the world. For over 150 years, Smithsonian researchers have collected and archived bone specimens from whales, dolphins, porpoises, and more, for scientific research, and for display in the National Museum of Natural History.

In the short video “Where Dead Whales Go To Live,” Hakai Magazine goes behind the scenes at the Smithsonian’s marine mammal collections, exploring the warehouses where massive, often century-old whale bones are archived. Featuring interviews with Museum Specialist John Ososky and Curator of Fossil Marine Mammals Nick Pyenson, the video provides fascinating insights into the secret world of museum archives. Check it out above.

[h/t Smithsonian Insider]

Banner Image Credit: Hakai Magazine, YouTube