These Modern Aquariums Double as Works of Art

Rebecca OConnell

Japanese designer Haruka Misawa creates modern, elegant aquariums that put your simple fish bowl to shame. The series, called Waterscapes, features a number of elaborate designs that are aided by the medium they're in—good old H2O. Misawa takes advantage of water's buoyancy to create delicate structures that are too heavy to stand up otherwise. They're perfect for fish and plant life to thrive in, with the side benefit of also being gorgeous to look at.

"Underneath the surface of water is a unique environment that exudes an energy [that] is completely opposite from that which is surrounded by air," Misawa writes in a book on the project (via Fast Co. Design). "The inner space of this fish tank is created by combining two simple elements of container and water, with an extraordinary world created that differs from the world with air … delicate structures that are prone to damage caused by their own weight on land are able to maintain a stable state because of the relative force of gravity and buoyancy."

[h/t Fast Co. Design]

Images courtesy of Vimeo.